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Buyer's Guide


Determine a clear reason(s) for deciding to buy a property. Along with the “why,” you’ll also want to be clear on the “what” – understand what type of property, home, unit, etc. that is best going to meet the needs of this purchase.


As a buyer, you’ll want to work with a REALTOR® whom you can trust in and rely on to represent your best interests through every step of the buying process. Take the time to learn about a REALTOR® before you make your decision, focusing on knowledge, experience, and expertise. And ask for references!


Start the buying process in the right ballpark! Check-in with your lender to get pre-qualified for your loan before you start your property search. This will not only help the end buying process but also limit potential negative surprises along the way.


Narrow down the property search before you start looking, and the search will be more focused and on-target from day one. Location is a key element – but also give thorough consideration to type of home / property, and to your ideal price point. Your REALTOR® can guide you in determining if your “ideal property” is a realistic search, or if your plan needs adjusting.

Ready, set, and go! Time to head off to viewings and open houses and learning more about what you’re really looking for. Your REALTOR® can help navigate through all the listings, appointments, and also work their magic through their networks about upcoming properties that haven’t yet hit the public listings (or may not be listed online).

When it’s time to prepare a Contract of Purchase and Sale, things can get both exciting and overwhelming at the same time. Your offer is a complex document that protects your interest and also becomes legally binding upon final acceptance by the Seller. Some sales include back-and-forth negotiations while others are accepted on first offer; either way, your REALTOR® understands the process and the jargon and will walk with you through each step.

Sales contracts, in the case of property, are often contingent on meeting certain conditions before the sale is final. Common items include satisfactory third-party inspection of the home, approval of financing, and sale of the buyer’s current property.

Closing a property sale is a step-by-step process that takes the buyer from accepted offer to keys in hand. You’ll work with your chosen lawyer or notary to complete required documents to finalize the sale. Once the purchase is completed, your REALTOR® will hand over the keys and together, celebrate your new home!

When everything is signed, and the keys are in hand, you can step through the door of your new home. Whether it’s a first home, next home, or investment property, it’s now yours to enjoy. If you require advice or referrals for moving companies, contractors for renovations, or other services you wish to employ, your REALTOR® will be happy to help you find what you need.

Buyer's Guide

Pride of ownership and the building of wealth are only a few of the benefits of home ownership, but buying a home has never been more complex. Our Buyers Guide will take you through the 9 Steps to Purchasing a Home and help you understand why working with a local expert is so crucial.

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